Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Older persons are defined as person aged 60 years and above. This definition is in line with the one made at the "World Assembly On Ageing in 1982" in Vienna.
Population aging in Malaysia is growing rapidly. For the time being, the population of people aged 60 and above in Malaysia is 3.0 billion. The rapid population grow is closely associated with the change of health system, low birth and mortality, and urbanization process. A few decade, after fertility has fallen, the proportion of aged people begins to rise due to economic growth.
The increasing of aged people raises questions for the goverment to look for the aged especially to make sure they can survive without depending on their family. According with the increasing aged people, several factors must be considered for the sake of the aging group:
 i.  Respect and dignity of older persons
ii.  Make sure the aged people can survive and assist them to be independent.
iii. The Facilities for the aged- hospital, insuranse scheme,education, recreational resources   
     and etc towards enhancing their well being.

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