Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Importance of Bridging The Digital Divide

Acces to the computer and the internet and the ability to effectively use the technology  ICT are becoming increasingly important for full participation in our economic,social, and political. People  using the internet to  find lower prices for goods and services,work from home and start their own  buissness,acquire new skills using distance learning and and make better imformed decisions about their  healtcare needs.

The ability to use technology  ICT is becoming  incresingly important in the work places. For the time being, ICT information is growing faster in our country. However,we still have  gap  between city and rural area. In the rural  area, the ability to acces  internet is main factor why our society/nation did not care about the ICT kowledge and information technology. 

So, the responsabilty to promote ICT Technolgy must be doing together  especially to reduce the digital divide among our people.Let's do it.

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